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Swage, Swage, Swage !! Simple and fast. No power tools needed or brass chips and shavings. No need to grip the case in your fingers while aligning the cutter to the pocket. Saying this, I load on single stage presses. I size in one press then move the case to the other press and swage with the RCBS primer pocket swaging die set. I also have the RCBS bench mounted swaging tool similar to the Dillion Super Swage which is supposed to be better? Still use the RCBS die in the 2nd press. My RCBS swage die has swaged many thousands of .223 cases and hundreds of 30-06 cases. Depends on your set-up and the steps you take. I do all my loading at the bench and don't want to go to the garage for a step to prevent brass shavings from contaminating my reloading room.
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