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I've never seen gunbroker have any really good deals on MGs as everyone is lurking there looking for them.

If you're looking for steals it'll be word of mouth and often times in bulk. As guys get old and have nobody to leave their NFA toys to, they'll often sell them off to folks they know instead of listing them online.

I came close to dropping $80k on a guy's very impressive collection of M16s, belt-feds, Uzis and such, because he just didn't want to deal with the hassle of selling them off one-by-one. Tragically I couldn't pony up that kind of cash without going into debt, so I didn't pull the trigger.

I'd let it be known far-and-wide that you're willing to pay immediate cash for MGs and you just might find someone in a bind who's willing to accept a 1000% profit on the $400 M16 they got back in the day, instead of the 1500% profit they could make by selling it on the regular market.

If I really needed $$$ and someone offered me $4000 right now, for my MAC10 that I paid $2800 for, I'd still be making a tidy profit.
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