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picture in your minds eye...when you hit a critter with a 22 of ANY kind ,he's going to jump,roll or be knocked off his feet.gather himself and attempt to run for it every time. unless of course he's dead.. plus the fact that the Mrs is standing behind me in the living room saying "'ve hit him every time that I can see, is also a pretty good indicator of how I know those 5 shots hit.
we live on a farm out in the country so shooting from the patio door is no big deal for us..
I stand by my original statement..
I was not using iron sights I have a rather cheap but effective Bushnell sharpshooter mounted and sighted in to my satisfaction on the mod 60.
the stingers simply didn't get the job done.
and yes I have shot possums, raccoons, skunks and Ferrel cats point blank range inside my live trap out in the barn .it does less damage to the shot between the eyes then just let them bleed out,but that can take awhile.
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