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Rem 887 Nitro Mag Tactical

im looking to buy one and id like some opinions on it.

So starting my search i decided what i wanted was a relatively inexpensive pump gun that i could use for HD and/or for hunting/clays. i wanted a short barrel but i also wanted a choke system and for a while i thought why not just buy two barrels but then that idea got expensive quickly.
Untill i found this at a local gun shop for 440$ i like the short barrel and the extended mag tube for defense and i like the barrel rib (im guna take the rail system off) and choke system for hunting and clays

anyone have any experience with it (or any 887 nitro mags)? iv used Mossberg 500s and Winchester defenders extensively but iv never really handled Remingtons, iv shot an 870 before but only a few rounds

link for whoever doesnt know, now you know
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