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Thank you ScottRiqui I appreciate your posting the info.

I'm not sure what your problem is, can you explain why you feel the need to start a brawl in a perfectly polite topic. The question was why buy less than 4 Lbs, because it's not legal was a perfectly good answer, regardless of if you agree with the law or not

As for enforcement when you buy powder in MD it is logged & recorded, so there is enforcement of a sort, all be it unworkable, & virtually unenforcable but would you put down in writing that you were in the process of violating a state code, sign it & have it logged in abound book? I disagree with the rule but as it's on the books I am bound by it, regardless of if I like it or not.

The limit is a TOTAL of 5 Lbs of smokeless & 5 more of B/P, so if you have a couple of different types of smokeless powder & add another 4Lbs. 4+1+1=6 & the limit is 5.
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