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Oh yeah. The Big Boss II is strong, accurate, and smooth. I use it for my 243AI, 308 Win, and 7mm Rem Mag. I love the angle it mounts at. Makes it easy to move the cases in and out while working the ram with my right hand. I use it in these calibers with Redding's excellent Competition dies.

I have a Forster Coax that I also use a lot. Mostly for FL sizing new brass before turning necks. I have found nothing that beats it for concentricity and low runout using Forster's Bench Rest sizer. I bought the Redding because Forster would not make me a set of dies for my 243AI (pi$$ed me off!). Yes, I know I can use the Redding dies in the Coax and sometimes do. Already have the Redding set in my hands. I have also had a Bump Neck die on order from Forster for months for my 308. They have yet to deliver.

The Forster Coax is awesome but the ergonomics are not as good as the Redding. Straight in straight out. Kind of awkward but extremely accurate ammo produced with this set up...
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