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I have no experience with Redding presses, but the Big Boss II has an excellent reputation. I the Redding Boss, however, has the standard die threads cut in the frame, whereas the Big Boss (and II) has a bushing that can be removed and replaced with the Hornady LNL quick-change system. Makes changing dies much easier with a short 1/8 turn.

Another couple of presses worth considering are the Lee Classic Cast press, and the Forster Co-Ax. The Classic Cast has an adjustable throw on the handle, and also dumps spent primers down through the ample ram. It also accepts the Hornady LNL quick change bushing system. It is made in USA, and heck for stout.

The Forster Co-Ax is a whole different animal. I have one and really like it. Dies snap in and out with ease, spent primers are cleanly collected in a container, the automatic shell holder system is very nice, and I like the over-the-top handle movement. The linkage and "ram" system provide for extremely accurate movement.

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