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I'm currently using Berry's 200 gr. SWC's in my .45acp reloading and use West Coast 115 gr. FMJ's in my 9mm reloads. I've also used Rainier and Star bullets. IMHO I can't tell any difference among them. With the right powder, etc. combination they all work fine for me. No big deal trying to decide if lead or jackedted data is more appropriate. Most manuals have much more data for jacketed bullets than lead bullets. Just pick a jacketed load, reduce the starting load by 10% and start working from there. With a few trial & error's you'll soon find the best bullet/powder combination for your particular pistol.

As far as additional reloading equipment required, I'd reinforce some previous posters comments by saying you'll need a kinetic bullet puller, primer flipper tray, and go/no go cartridge gauge.

I load on a SDB and the fourth station is the crimp station. The proper crimping die for the caliber comes with the SDB.

Happy reloading & good shooting.....Rod.
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