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1. I've used West Cost and Berrys, although not in a couple of years. WC had much thicker plating; Berrys would be etched with a fingernail. For same $'s I'd use WC. If I could save a bunch I'd get Berrys.

2. WC told me to use Jacketed data.

3. I've never used 231 but I know alot of people who have/do. The people who seem the happiest with it are old timer, bullseye guys working up very soft target loads. I've recently switched to Universal and like it. Works good in 10mm too.

4. No SDB here, I have a 550b. But its my understanding that the last station in the SDB is a taper crimp die.

5. Case Guage - Depending on the chamber cut on your 30 and how hot you load you may end up with pot-belly brass that wont chamber in the 1911. The case guage will help you sort out the bad apples.

Primer pocket uniformer - If you end up with any military brass with the crimped primers this tool will cut out the crimp.

Primer flip tray - Makes it alot easier to fill the primer tubes.

Dillon Border Shift Ammo Bag - Its fun to run your hand around in the loaded ammo side when its full---swish swish swish --Ammo goooood!--- and I've got so much I cant be bothered to box it or count it----ahhhhhh.

Did you order any media for the tumbler? You can find it cheeper at stores that sell to sand blasters and I understand that PetSmart sometimes has crushed walnut shells. Also, that blue stuff from dillon you put in the tumbler. Their squirl cage media seperator is very handy but not required.

Pay attention, load safe, good luck, enjoy the hell out shooting for $5/box.
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