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So far I have only used the Ranier bullets, so I don't have specific experience with the Berrys or Nationals. A call or email to the mfr might help, but frankly, I would put more faith in a search here for posted range results from some experienced users.

In their "pistol" die sets, Dillon includes the accu-crimp die for revolvers and a taper crimp for autos. And yes, you really need one.

A headspace gauge is a good tool to have. I only deburr and mouth chamfer rifle cases.

If you don't have a kinetic bullet puller, you will need one. Trust me on this one.

'Haven't used W231. Remember, for plinking with reduced power loads, you may need to change out a recoil spring. In order to get a real "plinking" load you can run into functioning problems. So, stay in the lower end of the load range of your reloading books and try not to disable your Springfield from using a normal power load.

If you want to do that, I'd advise picking up another 1911 to configure that way and keep your plinker loads segregated from normal defense loads.

The plinker loads may not fully cycle a normal strength recoil spring and a full house load can beat up a reduced load (low power recoil spring) configured pistol, and you, pretty good.

All this may be obvious, but you mentioned a plinker load and I don't know if you have more than one 1911-type pistol, so be remember its configuration when you load for it.

Best of luck. Welcome to reloading.


BTW, I used 2x6s on edge, side-by-side, cut about 6 ft long, to make my benchtop. So it ended up 5 1/2 in thick, about 20 in deep and six ft long. I used 4x4s for legs and 1x12s for a work surface-down skirt which extends down past the 2x6s and braces the 4x4s. I added additional horizontal braces between the 4x4 legs, up high, so I don't hit my knees if I sit on a stool. I cut the legs long enough that the bench top is about 6 inches above mid-tummy, so I stand to reload with my RL 550B. I also have a stool, but rarely use it. Keep it clean.

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