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Originally Posted by ninosdemente View Post
Thanks for the help guys. Spats McGee, I do see it's around 15" wide, how much stuff fits in there. I normally take about 2 boxes of 22lr (500), 2 boxes of 9 (100), 1 box of 380 (50), 1 box of 6.5 creedmoor (50), plus my 4-5+ plus boxes of loaded ammo (capacity 0f 50), oil, stapler/staples, 2 ear muffs, fat wrench, small tool, 2 eye glasses.

That bag seems a bit small for what I "usually" take with me. But not the same when looking at it in person vs viewing it online.
It's a pretty good size. If it were any smaller, I wouldn't be able to get enough stuff in it. If it were larger, it might be too heavy. If memory services, it came with a divider for the body, which I took out (just velcro holding it in). I'll bet you could get most if not all of that in there. The stuff that stays in my range bag, regardless of what I'll be shooting usually includes: six 10/22 mags (they fit perfectly into one of the side pouches), a multi-tool, 1 set of ear muffs, a small bottle of oil, shoot-n-c targets, a knife, an oily rag, a sharpie, a ziploc bag of ear plugs, and a small peanut butter jar. (The end pouches will fit either a water bottle or a peanut butter jar. You could actually take peanut butter to the range, I guess, but I use a clean one for saving brass.) Things that get swapped out are mags and ammo. In addition to everything already listed, I can fit 1k (maybe more) of .22LR, or maybe 300 rounds of 9mm. I might be able to squeeze both in there.
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