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Jim Watson said:
Strangely, the 1909 Colt New Service was NOT in .45 1906 Rimmed and for sure not in .45 ACP. It was in .45 Colt and Frankford Arsenal loaded a special variant with larger rims for simultaneous ejection.

By 1910 the 1909 New Service was GI and I suspect it was being shot just for comparison with the automatics the Army was determined to get.
So far as I know no M1909 cartridges were used during the testing. The only acceptable cartridges by 1910 were the .45 M1906 rimless and the .45 M1906 rimmed. The standard bullet was a 230 gr. round nosed full metal jacketed bullet for both cartridges, loaded to a muzzle velocity of around 870 f.p.s.

What I'm trying to determine if these M1909 revolvers were unmodified original .45 Colt chamberings, or were they specially chambered for the M1906 rounds. Not that for these trials the Webley had already been discarded, along with all the others, only the Colt and Savage pistols remained in serious competition.

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