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Browning is prettier and have slick actions . Savages are not bad at all however.

Between the 7-08 or the 6.5 CM for deer alone the 7MM give you no advantage at all over the 6.5 MM and the 6.5 kicks less and over time in firing many rounds, that can be helpful. Also the 6.5 CM is very well supported as far as the accuracy game is concerned. Just be careful to not fall into the trap of using a bullet that is better for targets then game just because it's "more accurate". A smaller groups from one bullet that is not as good at even expansion, penetrating and breaking bone as another bullet that may shoot a bit larger groups is NOT NOT NOT an advantage in hunting. But good hunting bullets are available in the 6.5 too.

I like the selection of 150 and heavier bullets available in the 7MM over the 6.5 MM if you were to want a gun for elk, bear or any animal heavier then deer. (keep in mind I live in Wyoming, so my uses are going to differ from yours) If that is not a realistic expectation (and I expect from the details you wrote in your post it's not) I would go with the 6.5 over the 7MM.

I like pretty guns too, so for me I'd take a Browning X bolt if that was offered to me, but that should not sway you if you like the Savage. The gun doesn't have to please me. Only you.
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