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I started my way into the world of BP long arms with a CVA .50 carbine. Shot it for some years. Eventually, though I tried flintlocks.....have shot nothing but rock guns since. First was a Lyman GPR....a great rifle and accurate .....but heavy. Looking for something lighter I stumbled into the world of flintlock Fowlers......elegant, light, smoothbores.
I bought my first from Matt Avance at Tennessee Valley Muzzleloaders. 20 Gauge. While it was not as light as i had hoped. It served for a couple of years while Mike Brooks made me a 16 gauge gun with a 42” barrel that weighed only a tad over six pounds. It is reliable....goes bang every time that I load it properly. Takes grouse, pheasant, rabbits and loaded with a lead round ball at 16 per pound good for deer at reasonable range.
Target will have more success with a rifle. The picture is three shots, benched, from that GPR that I mentioned. 100 yards, iron sights.
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