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"...guns insured for theft and loss..." That's the same thing.
You want 'fire and theft with replacement value' protection. Usually not covered on house insurance without it being a special rider(that depends on local State laws too). As in it costs extra. If you do not get the replacement value, in the event you become the victim of a crime or tragedy, you'll get whatever the insurance company thinks your property is worth. And they think everything decreases in value over time. (They have their own "Blue Book".) Firearms, generally, do not decrease in value. Mind you, commercial hunting rifles/shotguns don't increase quickly. They do tend to retain value though.
Anyway, providing S/N's is fairly normal. Same as you provide your vehicle's VIN or Aquila's camera.
Don't expect to get anything back after a pay out. The insurance company has basically bought the thing from you. You might get first crack at it though, but it stops being yours as soon as you accept the insurance money.
Oh and read the policy.
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