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The STAC has tall, capped turrets. Unless i'm storing it at the house, i usually just leave them off.
There is a pop up lever on the power ring for use with gloves. I've never needed it. Some people have had issues with clearance with the bases if not back, or high enough.
I use EGW 20 MOA , one piece bases. EGW bases tend to be pretty tall. Hence even with the large objective i use Vortex Viper low rings with no clearance issues.

The reticle is MOA based, with fine cross "hairs" and a center dot.
I've heard of complaints of losing the cross hairs in low light.
I have not had this issue. And actually really like the fine crosshairs.
Even with my old prescription corrected eyes.

Eye relief is good, no issues with magnums.
Comes with a neopreme scope cover.

While it doesn't flare out as much as the Vortex scopes i've used, i did buy a sunshade for mine. $43 on Amazon.

Yes, the optics are quite good. Can you get better? Yes, but you will be paying at least 3 times more to do so.
If you would buy one of Sightrons SIII for $1,700, you'll get a scope that would cost you $2,500 or more.
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