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are they the country where everyone serves and gets a military rifle but has to keep it on base?
I'm not sure what the Swiss are doing today, but in the 70s, they kept their military rifles AT HOME (along with at least 100 rnds of ammo), not on base.

And for the past half century or so, that military rifle has been some variant of a SIG, capable of select fire. (meaning it has full auto fire capability).

Rifles that under US law is ARE machine guns. Rifles that US citizens are not allowed to own under current already existing law, found in the majority of Swiss homes!! Yet, one doesn't hear about much violence in Switzerland.

This should strongly suggest it isn't military rifles that create the problem here, its the people.

Like wise, the example of prison. NO guns, no weapons of any kind for the inmates, but how safe do you think you would be if you lived there? Again, not the weapons (presence or absence) its the PEOPLE!!!

Here's something to consider, among many species of mammal, it has long been recognized that, for no reason we can determine, certain individuals (almost always male) run "amok". They literally go on a killing rampage, doing violence to all they run across. When this happens with elephants, its a rather serious matter...

Perhaps mankind shares this trait. Perhaps not, but it would explain certain kinds of behavior.

Another thing to consider, also something known (and proven) about mammals, when dirt, noise, and overcrowding reach a certain level, general mass insanity often results. (and, of course, the tolerance of individuals is..individual) Again, PERHAPS human beings have a similar behavior, and what varies is the tolerance.

Put too many rats in a cage, they eat their young. There MIGHT be a link there....

here's another point to consider, every one of the mass shootings, EVERY SINGLE ONE, happens at a location where people are not armed and capable of shooting back. They never happen at a shooting range, or a police station in a building full of armed people able to shoot back.

Even a military base has been the target, people would think there are lots of guns, but there aren't, really. All the soldiers guns are locked up in arms rooms, except for the ones carried by MPs on duty. And, when I was in (and I don't think its changed) all loaded arms carried on duty outside of active combat zones, had to be carried chamber empty.

The attacker ALWAYS has the advantage of initiative. They choose where, and when. There is NO WAY to accurately predict who might do this, outside of science fiction.

NO TEST, no screening, no background check can see inside the human heart (or mind if you prefer). And that includes those "trusted" armed folks who wear uniforms, and carry badges of some kind.
All else being equal (and it almost never is) bigger bullets tend to work better.
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