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Australia banned certain types of guns after a mass shooting and one hasn't happened since. I think they count a mass shooting as more than 5 people not known by the shooter.
In Australia, at least five people were shot in a single incident in 2002 (Monash), 2011 (Hectorville), and 2014 (Hunt family). So that statistic isn't correct. More importantly, how many mass shootings were there before 1996? If it was a relatively rare event to begin with, then recent scarcity doesn't tell us much.

But let's put that aside and assume you are correct that banning semi-autos would be effective at reducing mass shootings. Australia confiscated around 600,000 guns overall. More AR15s have been sold in a single year than that in the United States. You are talking an exponentially more difficult task that will require a police state to implement. How do you see that going down?
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