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Y'all say that the AR15 style rifles aren't used as much in mass shootings as handguns. That may be true, but when AR15 style rifles do get used, the number of casualties is much higher. Vegas, Orlando, Colorado, San Bernardino, Newtown, and others, are shootings where those types of rifles were used. Any way you slice and dice it, those types of rifles are patterned after military automatics. They look like military autos, have higher count magazines available for them, and with the right accessories can fire almost as fast as full autos can.

I don't pretend to know how to solve all these mass shootings, but I do know that these types of rifles certainly are more a part of the problem than too many of us in the gun community are willing to admit. There's nothing anyone can say to convince me that the 2A is a blind endorsement of anything and everything gun related. We have to find a balance between our right to keep and bear arms and public safety because, if we don't, the day will come when we will no longer have that right.
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