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One thing I'm tired of seeing is comparing our gun laws to another country's gun laws and say their gun deaths are so much lower due to their strict gun laws. Usually it's Australia or Britain that I see in these arguments. While we may speak the same language, we are completely different countries with different cultures and different histories. No other country was literally founded with the right to bear arms in mind. It is part of our culture, where it is not in other countries'. Here's a case-study country I havn't seen any comparison to in the news: Switzerland. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe about 50% of the populace own firearms (to include military style rifles, not just bolt/pump actions) and also has a incredibly low crime rate. Granted, they have mandatory military service which allows those who served to own their issued gun to stay a militia. But I still find it interesting they're never brought up in these country comparisons. But again, I don't want to compare our gun laws to another country's. I get it. People do these comparisons because case studies are easy to do. But Tom Servo was right, lets look at ourselves instead of other countries for case studies. Look at the crime rates at cities and states with strict gun laws. Chicago is first to come to mind...

You can issue laws banning semi-automatics all you want, but nobody will turn them in. I think the govt will notice a disparity between ARs sold vs turned in. The only way I can see complete eradication of guns, even just semi-automatics, in America is literally a civil war and/or swat teams going door to door. If that was to happen, many would maybe give them up. But there will be those who won't want to give them up. You said you were a cop. What would be your reaction if you got orders to go to 50 houses a day until every house in your jurisdiction was visited, to take away their guns. That's 50 chances a day you will get fired upon from those not willing to give them up and will either get shot, or be forced to shoot somebody who just wants to be left alone. Imagine what the death toll would be then. Obviously, this is a very extreme case, but it ties in with the "just ban all semi-automatics" scenario without thinking about the logistics and consequences behind it.

P.S. Justin, this is in all due respect. The comparing country gun laws and ban semi-automatics argument is seen a lot. I hope this thread, if anything, made you think about it some more. Thanks for being brave and posting this on a firearms forum instead of anti-gun forums and preaching to the choir.
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