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If a gun control supporter tells me they want to ban handguns, I'll disagree with them, but I won't necessarily think they're being irrational. After all, handguns account for a vast majority of gun deaths. But when someone says they want to ban "assault weapons" but not handguns, they're being either ignorant or irrational. Or they're just playing politics.

The made-up legal category of "assault weapons" contains some of the most practical and sensible firearms a person can own, like the AR-15. At the same time, all rifles (not just "assault weapons") account for a vast minority of all gun death, including gun deaths from mass shootings.

Justin, this is an honest question and I'd appreciate an answer: Why don't you advocate a ban on handguns? They are involved in far more gun deaths of all kinds than any other type of firearm (including mass shootings), and they're less practical for sporting use than something like an AR-15.
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