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Guns are used to prevent more crime than there are murders by guns each year. The lowest number I have heard is that 500,000 people use a gun to prevent a crime each year. i am sure that more than 1% of those guns are semi-automatics. If you take guns out of the picture you are left with the violence. In countries where guns are all but banned the violent crime rate goes up not down. We have slightly lower violent crime rate than England and their gun crime is on the rise while ours has been dropping.

Yes once in a while we have a mass shooting (more than four dead in a single crime) but if you look at Chicago you will find as many killed each month. The gun is not at fault. The accessories are not at fault. Only the violent individual is at fault. Cure the violence and the gun violence disappears. Cure the violent and the whole violent crime concern is gone. More people are killed in the USA by beating with hands and feet than are killed with all rifles which represents the small percentage of events where the AR15 is used.
Banning guns is not the answer because guns are not the problem. The problem is two fold:
1. Violence is nurtured in the USA by the instant fame it allows.
2. We can't prosecute the offender because he killed himself and we have the "NEED" to do something.
In the UK a couple of years ago knife violence was extremely high so they talked about banning knives. Kitchen knives were the tool used most often so they were considering banning them. The use of Cricket bats could have gone up and then they would have to decide whether to ban Cricket bats - that would have affected their popular past-time and angered a lot of people.
If we blame the tool used we will never solve the problem. Only by focusing on the problem (violence) will we ever find a solution.
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