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It's kind of a bad idea to decide what your response will be before a situation arises that DOESN'T call for deadly force.
Why is it a bad idea? With a caveat simply stated "The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry" - (To a Mouse - Robert Burns) I am forced to ask why it would be a bad idea. I get that you cannot know the situation exactly and factors may change. You also cannot know exactly how you are going to react. Still if we can consider it coolly and logically work out the best course of action (and the repercussions of that action) we can at least have considered and discussed options.

Remember this conversation started, from my end at least, asking why because I was of the belief (mistaken) that an unprovoked physical attack, even unarmed, would be considered to rise to the level of a threat of severe bodily harm. I've learned a lot and been given case-study examples because I was wrong and dared ask why.
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