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Sharkbite pointed out the biggest disadvantage of pepper spray. The attacker gets to decide whether he is going to continue or not. If he is in pepper spray range and is determined to hurt you, it's going to be a contact situation and you're going to end up with as much on you as he has on himself.

Originally Posted by Sharkbite
Pain/extream discomfort is a byproduct and cannot be counted on with ED persons or even someone that is just friggin MAD
Every major law enforcement agency that I know of requires their officers to go through pepper spray training before they are allowed to carry it. You are sprayed in the eyes (law enforcement strength pepper spray) then required to go through several stations and demonstrate that you can still function. When I did it, first station was hand strikes, second station was foot strikes, then third station was baton strikes. While executing the baton strikes another training officer in full padding would come up behind you and try to take your pistol away from you, forcing you to demonstrate weapon retention techniques.

Out of the 20 people in the class I was in, everyone successfully completed the course. I would say that 5 were severely affected (I was the worst, couldn't force my eyes open to see well enough to drive for several hours after the class, but I could force them open for split seconds at a time to see well enough to attack), 10 were moderately affected, and 3 or 4 experienced some discomfort. One guy was not affected at all, might as well have thrown water in his face.

Lots of youtube videos of "pepper spray training" and "pepper spray failure" out there.
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