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So on the one hand you're carefully (and correctly) pointing out the deadly seriousness of preventing a person from hitting you by noting that it could cause serious injury or death. On the other hand, you're saying that the attempt by this person to attack you and cause an injury which you just said could be serious or even fatal doesn't justify responding with deadly force.
Thats EXACTLY what im saying

I doubt there is a court in this country that would uphold shooting someone that was about to commence an empty hand assault WITHOUT some other disparity of force factor.

We have to acknowledge, in this country at least, that a fist fight is NOT considered a deadly force encounter.... DISSPITE what we may think (or know). The fact that it COULD/MIGHT be fatal or seriously injurious, does not rise to the level that justifies us using deadly force to prevent that assault.

If some avg size guy takes a swing at another avg size guy (no other medical factors) and guy #2 whipps out his pistol and shoots guy # 1...the shooter is in a heap of trouble.

THAT is why im such an advocate of always carrying some other force option.

Also remember that a Self defense shooting is going to be handled with an affirmative defense strategy. In other words...." Yep, i shot him, but i had a REALLY good reason (need) to shoot him". A fist fight does not reach that level of need.
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