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To the questionof Pepper spray types of dispersion, there are 4 basic dispersion patterns

Remember the most effect is obtained by particles of the ground Pepper (it really is made out of pepper plants) getting into your attackers eyes and respiratory system. Closing the eyes and making breathing difficult are the main debilitating factors. Pain/extream discomfort is a byproduct and cannot be counted on with ED persons or even someone that is just friggin MAD

SO, a dispursion pattern that allows those little bits of pepper to get into those areas is preferred

As in all thing in life its a trade off. Fogs work the best, big cone area so aiming is less crucial but are very wind sensitive. Foams are the LEAST wind sensitive but have the least ability to get the active ingredient into the Resp system or into the eyes without a perfect shot

My personal choice is a Stream. Good range. Not as wind sensitive as a fog. Good dispersion. Think about the stream that come out of a Wasp spray can, just not as far reaching.
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