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Absent the real threat of severe imminent harm I am really not that willing to take offensive action against another person.
Well , let's overlook the use of the word "offensive", substitute "defensive", and think it out.

According to,
Generally speaking, serious bodily harm is defined as any injury that seriously interferes with the person’s health or comfort, and that is long-lasting rather than short-lived.

Some examples of serious bodily harm may include:

--Loss of limb, loss of functioning in a limb, and broken bones
--Head, neck, or spine injuries
--Serious cuts or burns
--Scarring or serious disfigurement

See more at:

(Emphasis added)
That would justify the use of deadly force if immediately necessary, and if the other prerequisites of self defense are met.

Personally, my threshold for defensing myself with non-deadly physical force is much lower than an imminent threat of that level of harm.

I don't know why any reasonable person would willingly take such a risk.

I would not intend to punch or kick, but pepper spray, or should it suffice, a shove or two or safely delivered swing with my waking stick could be expected, if necessary, long before a threat of paralysis, loss of limb, loss of functioning in a limb, broken bones, head, neck, or spine injuries serious cuts or burns was imminent.
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