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I don't normally like to hang out dirty laundry for the public to see, well, that's not always true, but here's one that really has me miffed. Last week I ordered a rifle from CTD--funds were drawn from my account to pay for it in full and I received notice on Saturday that it had shipped to my FFL. I clicked on the UPS tracking number, and which took me to CTD's website and showed that it had shipped. I also ordered a couple of boxes of ammo, which I assumed shipped at the same time.

Tuesday and Wednesday--when I received e-mails telling me to expect delivery--nothing showed up so I became a little concerned and called CTD--and was told by the customer service rep that it hadn't shipped (even though their website says it has) and they had no way of knowing when it will until UPS gives them a tracking number. I was like "what the foobar do you mean by that?" Turns out it's shipping from one of their several warehouses which the customer service rep kept insisting there was no way of knowing whether or not a package actually shipped--even if it indicated it did ship-- because they do not have a tracking number until UPS gives them one. I told him I've shipped countless packages with all the services and I know you get a number as soon as you generate an order with them. Spent the next ten minutes going round in circles with the guy who kept telling me they don't get tracking numbers--even if a package has indicated it's shipped--until UPS gives them one. I finally got tired of his BS and hung up.
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