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Originally Posted by Dlaverne
Anyone know their OAL where the bullet touches the lands on Tikka or Savage 12 in 223 rem? (name the bullet too of course). Or have you measured from the bolt face to the lands somehow?
I could go measure my Steven's 200 .223 but I doubt it would even be close. I've had the barrel off a couple of times so it wouldn't be the same as factory. Another thing you can't account for is the reamer used at the factory, is the barrel you're getting the first chamber/throat cut, the 500th, or the last before replacing.

You're best bet is to get the SAAMI (USA) specifications on .223 for the Savage, and find the CIP (European) standards for the TIKKA. This will give you the throat dimensions and tolerance that they're allowed, the dimensions might be a little different. Then it'll be up to you to measure the actual throat length after you decide which rifle to get.

Another thing to take into account is your magazine length? Who has the longer magazine box that will allow you to seat close to the lands? A savage 12 is pretty easy to shoot single shot if you load bullets longer than magazine length, the Tikka is not.

Then there is the fact that I've had rifles that that didn't like bullets seated anywhere near the lands. I had a .243 that shot Berger VLD bullets the best seated .120" shorter than mag length. Then every TSX/TTSX bullet I've tried shot better with with at least .050" jump sometimes more.
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