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When I started accumulating enough firearms to be concerned about safe security I also was just starting into reloading as well as ammo accumulation

I am lucky with a small compound ( euphemistically referred to as the micro ranch) that has 5 out building two are climate controlled.

I decided to store firearms in a good safe secured to the concrete slab floor in my main house.......and all ammo and components in a good fire container in one of the out buildings

we are rural and I wanted to be able to ask volunteer fire fighters to save my house NO haz mat or explosives.... or ....stay the hell away from THAT SHED it IS gonna blow, let it burn!

I even printed, weather proofed, and posted the explosives placard on the ammo reloading shed

The only firearms on my property WITH ammo are all the HD and CC that are out of safe and ready for defense
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