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Slow and easy, wins this race !!!

Alright, so I apologize for all the questions..... You mentioned Loctite Stick and seal? Where can I find this? Walmart?
You know, I've had this tube for a long time and yes, I think I got it at Walmart.

If you're going to try injecting a glue, try E-6000, Goop, or Shoe Goo.
I would have no problem with any of these cements and one positive attribute is being water-proof and they really hold. the standard rubber cement is just too week. I know that Walmart sells the E-6000, in the craft section. I do not use metal C-Clamps, I use clips, ratcheting small clamps that have rubber feet. I there are times when I even use clothes pins. You don't need to get heavy handed on clamping. .......

Be Safe !!!
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