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Originally Posted by Pahoo View Post
I see no reason why the stitching will not hold. However, it would be best to glue the edges down and this will add to it's strength and appearance. .....

Kind of like having gorgeous girlfriend with a wart on her nose. She may be a beauty but that wart is always there. ....

Apply the cement as deep as you can, rather than throwing it in there ....

Be Safe !!!
Alright, so I apologize for all the questions..... You mentioned Loctite Stick and seal? Where can I find this? Walmart? What are the benefits over rubber cement/glue? How do I clamp it together? Just C-clamps and couple strips of plastic/wood to protect the leather? Sorry if I sound like a complete moron; I just don't want to use anything but the best to save my $200 holster. Lol. I really appreciate the help you have all given on this topic! I asked this question on another social platform and got a bunch of "leather holsters suck" responses.
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