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I think they're well worth it if you're in a position to spend the money. I don't own one yet, but I've shot a number of them. They just make shooting a lot more enjoyable. Less noise, less recoil, less flash. If they were unregulated as muzzle brakes are, I think I'd have one for every gun - or at least every caliber - I shoot. They'd be great for hunting too so you didn't have to wear hearing protection. Many of them are hearing safe for one or two shots, and that's usually all you need for hunting.

One thing that sticks out to me is the Tikka I shot suppressed. It was in .300 Win Mag. A very light rifle, I'd be surprised if it had weighed 7 or 8 pounds with the scope and suppressor. With the Silencerco Harvester, it was really sweet to shoot. I was amazed at the recoil. I had always heard .300 Win Mag recoil was fairly sharp, and I expected a kick out of the rifle. Instead I got a slow, smooth push. I'd honestly rate it to kick about as hard as our very heavy R700 in .308
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