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"Your pistol is a machined forging not cast, older r1 used machined cast frame. You will enjoy this pistol, mine has gobbled hundreds of rounds of GI ball with never a failure of any kind. Accuracy is questionable not because of the pistol, as I am just not able to hold well enough to shoot the groups I did while in Police competition a few years ago. But this pistol will sure tear a soda can to bits or ring the gongs we set up and will not beat you up doing it. You now have a firearm that will last for many years to come."

Sorry, not sure how the quoting works here. Thanks for the good news. Glad you're enjoying yours. I bought 500 rounds of Winchester ball today...getting ready to fire her up! I actually like the way this weapon looks and feels better than the "New Series 70" Colt I sold. It also had many stove-pipes and the brass ejected at 12:00 into my head, even after break-in.
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