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Originally Posted by Fireman1291
Old thought process
That doesn't make it incorrect. And it's only the old thought process when it comes to pistol cans; most rifle cans are still unserviceable (and for a good reason).

The new thought process is to make better baffle designs that are both quiet AND serviceable. I have an Octane 9 HD and I love it; it's one of the only center-fire pistol suppressors that can be used with lead bullets and .22 rimfire. But the Octane is super quiet because of SWR's CTA baffle design, not because it's serviceable. It would be quieter (in theory) and lighter if it was sealed.

Originally Posted by Fireman1291
Now all top tier centerfire pistol can manufactures build cans to me user serviceable. This also allows sub caliber use.
Silencerco's Osprey is non-serviceable and it's one of the best and most popular cans on the market and it's made by one of the most dominant suppressor manufacturers.

And you don't need it to be serviceable for sub-caliber use. You just need it to be serviceable if you want to shoot non-jacketed lead bullets or .22 through it.
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