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Fiddletown - why you would feel the need to make a post a dig at the person making the post is beyond me? I'm not real sure what one gets out of that.

I think there are a number of options available to a person most of the time that don't involve a lightening draw and fire response. Use your head is all I recommend.

Stay out of trouble spots, run if you can, go to the expense and trouble to learn some non-lethal defense techniques. If a pepper blaster will settle things, why would anyone want to apply more force? I'll use it if there is no other choice. I'll use my head, mouth or feet first if I can.

Sillinness? Well maybe - That's just a bit of humor laced with some truth my friend. I come to TFL to enjoy the conversation, friendly debate, offer an opinion, etc. If it's not fun then why bother? A pretty sharp old doctor once told me he judged a mans intellegence by his sense of humor, some folks just don't have one I guess. I'm now going to slink off somewhere and sob aloud because you no longer take my posts seriously.
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