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Originally Posted by gc70
Originally Posted by fiddletown
if one has trained with Massad Ayoob, ..., he will have trained to carry with a round in the chamber.
While generally true, Ayoob is knowledgeable enough to not portray a generalization as an absolute and has written articles in which he advocates carrying without a round in the chamber in appropriate circumstances...
Well let's have a look at Mas' own words, here:
Originally Posted by massad ayoob not care for the concept of carrying the semiautomatic pistol with an empty chamber, for the many reasons other posters here have put forth.

Let's not forget that when the Israelis went with chamber empty protocol in mid-20th century, many of their wide variety of pistols were not drop-safe with a round in the chamber. US police don't carry such guns today as a rule, nor do the wiser of the armed citizenry, so that motive for empty chamber carry is usually not a factor in the discussion today.
and here:
Originally Posted by Mas Ayoob

...I've never recommended that a defense pistol be carried chamber empty, unless it was an obsolete or el cheap design that was not "drop safe."

I carry with one in the pipe, so does every law enforcement agency I know of in this country, and for several good reasons already stated by others on this thread, it is what I continue to recommend....
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