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I appreciate all your responses and kind words.
I didn't mean to imply that I have a 20 year old monkey on my back over this nor did I mean to troll for sympathy. It bothered me for a few years but I have dealt with it. Mainly, I was wondering if others out there had genuinely wanted to kill a particular BG, not done it, and then felt guilty for wanting to. I think I have an answer to that and I guess I'm fairly normal.
At any rate, I didn't allow the "feelings" to get in the way of actions in later scrapes. If anything, I may have overcompensated at times by stepping into any situation that came up (even starting a few with the BGs when I could have left 'em alone). Measured against the average, my 36 years of life have been rather violent.

Anyway, thanks and best wishes to all.

Note/Disclaimer : The original post was written when I was about a third of the way into a bottle of sour mash and for some reason the subject came to my alcohol-soaked mind.
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