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Hi Animal,

Don't depair. I think almost all good men have longed to hurt a bad guy because they felt it was the right thing to do. I think of it as a sort of primal extension of the total war mentality that so many Anglophile males gravitate toward. In my experience, I feel this way more than most of the people I know and I stopped feeling bad about it a very long time ago.

Perhpas it would help if you viewed the world as more of a gray area than the pure black and white version many struggle with. To my way of thinking, you are one of the brave and armed members of this gray world we live in. You had a responsibility to help those weaker and perhaps defenseless stay safe from harm.

Being Italian, my family drilled the concept of taking care of women into me early on. My father had me hauling those huge stubborn doors at the mall open for my mother when I was only in Kindergarden with no help whatsoever.

Although I have never seen a woman being beaten by a man, I would certainly intervene if I did. You have nothing to feel bad about. In fact, you should be proud.

- Anthony
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