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I reload for the Sig.

My only problem has come when I try to actually control headspace....

The Sig is SUPPOSEDLY designed to headspace on the mouth, like most other semi-auto cartridges. However, I have found that there isn't even an absolute consensus on that and that, so far, every single case that I've ever measured has been pretty drastically too short to ever make that work. Like .010 or more too short.

So, the general consensus is that the Sig actually headspaces on the shoulder, which is easy enough to accomplish by adjusting the sizing die.... except then you lose a fair bit of neck length and the tension that goes with it. I have never been able to get adequate neck tension when the shoulder is set for proper headspace.

I've tried using the Lee FCD, no dice, almost makes it worse. The only thing that comes close to working is to run the finished round through the sizing die again.

So, I have resigned to letting the round headspace on the extractor, which is what virtually every other semi-auto cartridge does anyway, I'm told.

So long as I do that, which severely messes with my OCD, it works fine.
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