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Bought my first AR weekend before last. After my Christmas bonus, I had been looking and researching, so it was going to happen, then I got busy. Then, the Coronavirus hit, and my favorite gunshop started selling everything off the shelves. It didn't panic me, as I didn't think they would keep up that level of movement for months at a time, but it did remove my ability to get the AR I really, really, wanted----A Springfield Saint Victor in FDE. They are back ordered indefinitely and I couldn't find one anywhere else for a price I would agree to. I decided enough, I'm buying the AR right now, and not looking back.

So, I bought a Springfield Saint Victor in black (the last one they had and I got it for a great price-$900.00), and took it shooting for the first time yesterday, ran through 110 rounds and had an absolute ball with my shooting buddy. at 50 yards i was hitting in the black all day long with standard Federal 5.56 and this was with iron sights it came with. I'm looking into optics and accessories, etc. This gun, right out of the box, without being cleaned or disassembled, was what I would call least for what I would like to use it for and it may be even more so with some good glass and a load it likes better.

I have been shooting pistols and shotguns for since I was 15 (I'm now 45) and this was my first AR, and I'm really, really pleased with my gun. My store has been selling AR's at a brisk pace, but I'm sure that'll slow down soon. Anyways, really like my gun, can't wait to take it outdoors on my in-law's property to really give it a gun run out to some distance and other kinds of shooting.

Hope you find one if you are still interested, Swifty. I had a huge smile on my face yesterday, it's one fun rifle.
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