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One of the coolest things in the world to witness is a dog bred to hunt,and has his first kill or retrieval. They are genetically programmed to do this but aren't sure just how it transpires. Once they have done it for the first time, they realize they figured out what their job is in life.
The body English and facial expression says it all.
Now it's up to you to keep it going.
Every time your dog fetches a bird,rabbit, whatever your hunting, act like a complete fool, really exaggerate your praise and pets. Use a special word at this time and only at this time. "Good Boy/Girl" for normal every daisy things ;And " Very good Boy/Girl!" for the hunt. They pick up on this and will react to it.
I've been training dogs for 60 years now and I hunt with my Greyhounds 4/5 times a week ( Bunnies/Jack's and coyotes.) It gets me out of the house and the dogs really look forward to it. The bond you will create will be amazing.
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