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STORM2 After rereading, it appears the OP wants to change the dimensions of the stamped NFA gun.
Correct. And for an MG/SBR/SBS perfectly legal.

I thought the serial # had to match the paperwork.
Nothing he wrote indicates that is not the case.

If this is true then a new NFA gun would be created.

Does having a stamp mean you could keep making additional guns?
Oh heck no!
A "stamp" means you paid the federal tax to transfer (Form 4) or make (Form 1) an NFA firearm. The tax cover ONE NFA FIREARM made or one transfer.

It sounds too easy to be true. I suggest the OP ask BATF in writing. The rules were created before we had erector style upper/lower guns.
True, the rules were created in 1934, so any firearm built since then has to abide by the NFA.

Can we have one stamped S/N lower and a dozen different barrel combos?
Of course you can.

Elvis: … “it all just seems like a great big fairytale”.
Elvis didn't know squat about the NFA.
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