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* * * But anymore I prefer some sort of semi. A 9mm loaded with some of the heavier 147 gr hardcast bullets from Buffalo Bore and Double Tap work pretty well on bear if you have to use it. I think the gun you have is a sensible minimum, but if in bear country would advise looking into the better loads for it.
They worked on an Alaskan Brown bear.
That Shumaker dude got lucky. He risked two other peoples lives trying to "prove" 9mm HC boolits could stop a bear (in his case, an enraged sow).

But I just feel better with a 10mm or 45 loaded with similar bullets. I used a G29 in 10mm for years, but wouldn't sleep with a loaded chamber.
Resident Alaskans pack something chambered in 10mm AUTO when out & about in the bad bush back-country where the big bruins roam. Why? 'Cause it works (if properly loaded with real 10mm ammo):

Alaskans Stop Grizzly Bear Charge with Glock 10mm:

I use the Jake Brake every chance I get.
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