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If someone jumps on my tent, I am not going to wait to get out of it and assess if he is a threat or not before grabbing my gun. I won't have finger on the trigger or safety off until I KNOW it is a threat, but I wouldn't be thinking 'oh- it is probably some dumb kid'. I'd be HOPING that- but that is different.

MY camping story with guns:

December 29-30th, 2001, I was camping on the Navajo [Dine] Reservation, near Canyon De Chelley. The public campground I was in was about 10-15 miles from the nearest town.

It was raining, so I decided to shift stuff around and we'd sleep IN our car, rather than the tent. [the tent spots were all compressed, and it was obvious all water would pool in the bottom of the tent.]

Around 2-3am, I am woken up by a knocking on the passenger window. It was a 20-something woman that appeared either stoned or drunk [or both].

She was asking if we had any money to help her out as she was trying to get back to California and was 'rolled by the indians, man. I was F***in ROLLED by the indians!'- in her words, in the local town we'd just passed. I cracked my passenger window to allow clear communication, but not open enough to get a finger in to shove the window down. [Note: CA was the OPPOSITE direction from the town from where we were camped. We were definitely on the New Mexico side of Town, on a road that either dead ended or went to New Mexico.]

I kept telling her to go away and I had no money. She kept behaving as if she was drunk.

The entire time I was watching the driver's side mirror and rear view mirror in case someone was sneaking up to smash it and grab me, but saw nothing [pitch black, 2-3am, 10+ miles from a town of less than 20K people and raining.]

After about 3 brief interchanges, I put my hand into my bag and removed my pistol [Kahr K9 at time], expecting it to get hairy at any moment. I told my friend to scoot down as far as possible and apologized, as I told her that any firing might be right over her head, with hot brass ejecting. She scooted down [we'd had this conversation before the trip] and got ready.

The crazy lady heard me and saw me pull the pistol out to be ready: Instantly she 'sobered up'- saying 'sorry to bother you. No problem here, man. I've got no problem. I'm going.' and she high tailed it away.

I stayed up for the rest of the night with pistol in hand, pretending to 'sleep', and nothing ever happened.

9mm with 124gr hollowpoints for 2-legged predators was my choice for this trip, based on the fact we would be in campgrounds and short trails in parks, rather than really 'outdoors'. People were my main concerns when planning this trip.

It was amazing how fast she became coherent once there was a gun in play by someone who wasn't focused solely on her.

Another instance where having a firearm probably prevented violence, but was never reported.

JMR40- I wish I could get an M&P 45 Compact, but am in CA. It isn't 'on our list', or I'd prefer that. I find that the few M&Ps with thumb safeties that I HAVE held, well, the safety was too easy to switch off/on. I prefer the heavier 'click' of the safety on my 1911 or BHP [or Taurus PT99].

I hear you about concerns about a Glock with a round in the chamber and tent sleeping, though.

I also tend to use the BuffaloBore website as a index of the most powerful 'hunting' loads for handguns.

I went Glock G30, but have a .45-10mm conversion barrel for it [which has worked JUST FINE for me, but is problematic enough that they are not made any longer, i hear.] I am never sure if I want to do .45Super rounds or hot 10mm rounds in it for woods backpacking.

Both put it into the category of mid-range .357mag rounds, but with 4 more in it than my GP100 [CA here: 10 round max for me].

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