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Originally Posted by HiBC View Post
Carl,if you had started your statement with "Most" I would agree with you.
Bears,black bears included, are individuals,subject to making their own rules.

They might be the exception,but some black bears will kill and eat you,given the opportunity.

I don't think they use maps,so the state probably does not matter.

I fully agree,what preparation you make is up to you.
Sorry, this is not North Dakota. Been in these woods of the South way too long to go for any of this. Never once have we even heard of a Bear Attack, Never. Possibly up north in some of the Public Campgrounds where they feed them etc. And my experience with them in nature has been for decades. Yes, I will say that any animal including a Whitetail deer can be dangerous. But I am not hunting them, sitting over a feed etc. AND NEVER once have we ever had a predator Bear looking for any humans.
This guy that "Bucky is linking too can say what he wants for his state and his experience hunting them where he lives.
But no, this is not at all real where I live and I am not about to start carrying a 10mm handgun for a Bear. And to be quite frank, I do not know a single soul that does nor has.
Although I may start since a Big Foot was spotted a few years ago
And I would bet that a Sasquatch will take down more people in the Next decade than any Predator Black Bear.
No black bears cannot read a map, and even some have even come right into our city, just had one last spring. No big deal, but I doubt any Maine, Wyoming black bears have made it down to Tidewater Virginia.

But if by some Miraculous wonder a Black Bear does attack me and eat me, then I guess that ts just bad luck.

As the saying goes. "Sometimes you eat the Bear, Sometimes the Bear eats you."

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