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I have spent many nights in the swamps and woods I hike/Scout/hunt in for years. Some times just too far in to make it back and would just use a poncho to sleep over night until sun up. And the area has plenty of bears. But I have no problem sleeping at all. In fact very peaceful. Occasionally a bear has poked around and they are like raccoons. Just a nuisance and will scatter easily. And I carry a small revolver and keep it next to me.
I do not camp in Public areas. That does give me huge concern. People scare me. At night you have no idea what they are capable of. And I WOULD NEVER let Children sleep alone under any conditions if I was with a family. I know of people that give their kids their own tent and they have theirs. The idea of waking up the next morning and your kids gone is right out of horror books. Look at the murders along the Appalachian Trail.
A prime trail just waiting for predators and I do not mean like a Bear.

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