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Control the language and you control the conversation. In the days of 7.62 mm Nato, some nations like the US decided selective fire was unfeasible. I'll have to look at the FN book to figure out which NATO members did the same with the FN-FAL.

Eastern-Bloc and Far East Commies always kept selective fire; but peasants couldn't personally own firearms and only had access to them if they were in the militia and serving militia duty.

The US is doing some retrograde things too. First M-16 were selective fire. Then when the M16A2 came out, it had a complicated three shot burst feature instead. My classmates said some of their guns did not even have that.

Our civilian "look alike" are distinctly different and have been modified such that selective fire components can't be installed (for the most part). They are not "weapons of war"and would not be carried by our military, national guard. At most they may be carried by unpaid and state organized militia. Would you believe that even Californiastan has a government controlled state militia?
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