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There is no way they would put that much effort into producing something that wasn't intended to be used directly in the war.
It also ignores the fact that U.S. paratroops in the European Theater were issued it as a primary weapon.
These are correct, but are confusing the original concept of the carbine with the way it was eventually used.

The original concept was that the carbine would not be a primary infantry arm. Used in the war, absolutely, but not by the line infantry. It was intended to replace the .45 pistol for support troops (and not ALL of them), guys who's primary job was not to directly shoot the enemy.

Artillermen, supply troops even cooks, who needed to have a weapon for emergency use, and the carbine gave them that, a weapon with more firepower, greater range and easier use than the pistol.

Now, what happened was that combat troops "discovered" that the 15 shot capacity of the carbine, and its light weight made it an excellent combat weapon in certain circumstances, and those circumstances were often found in Europe. Over time, more and more line troops were issued carbines, and as noted, a lot of them went to the paratroops.

SO, the initial concept was sound, and carbines were first issued to the support troops, it quickly became a preferred weapon for the combat troops as well, and for once, the Army didn't just stick to the original plan, but approved their use and issue to more troops than the original concept involved.

If you look at the mix of weapons we fielded in a typical squad in the later war period, you find a mix of weapons. An SMG (or more) some M1 carbines and some M1 Garand rifles were a common mix. Something for about every likely combat situation, from CQB to long(er) range fire.

None of our enemies managed that, and while Germany did create and field the assault rifle, it was too little, too late.
All else being equal (and it almost never is) bigger bullets tend to work better.
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