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After WWW II virtually all the carbines were recalled and given the latest upgrades, particularly the rear sight, bayonet lug and late style (flip lever) safety. Then they were re-issued to US, and allied nations troops.

It is very rare to find a carbine still in the as issued WW II configuration, and if you do, it usually means that carbine "went home" with some GI either during or right at the end of the war before the recall.

An actual WWII configuration carbine would have the flip rear sight, no bayonet lug on the barrel and the original push button safety.

The safety was changed during the war, the later type rear sight did get on the last production WWII guns, so you can find guns with those features as "original WWII" but they are scarce.

Don't expect all matching maker's parts, either. Not on any of them. Some makers didn't make all parts, some made some parts and used other maker's parts to complete the guns. THis is not a "mismatch" it is the way some were originally made.

After WWII, and the post war upgrades, any combination of maker's parts is acceptable "as used in service".

Nice looking carbine, the receiver could be WWII production, but the rest of the gun has the post war upgrade parts added.
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